Brick House Fame 
2012 Palomino 15.3

                                   First Down Dash si 105 

                       Dash Ta Fame si 113

                                        Sudden Fame si 98

Streaking Ta Fame

                                            Streaking Six si 104      

                      Streaking Bunny si 92

                                            Bunny Beauty

​                                            Bouncy Mac 3 AQHA H-40/P-26.5

                      Brick House Bouncy AQHA 47.5 pts

                                            Shesa Brick House

Dixie Doll House

                                           Marthas Six Moons si 99                

                      Dreaming Of Martha si 78

                                           Sheza Dream Doll si 94


Home of Brick House Fame

2022 Fee $1500 cooled semen
$750 Live Cover
$325 shipping

Birthday Special​
$250 discount
If booked by 4-12-22

 AA or higher speed rating
1D money earner or producer

Located in  Marlow, Ok

Collected at Equine